Always Time for Tea – Part 5: Wheal Jane


My first mine! Ferret promised me a mine trip in 2013 and we never went, well, because I didn’t even really see him that year except briefly at Hidden Earth. We met up with Hugo, who is a mine explorer but not caver (apparently, there is very little crossover) at the parking about an hour from Plymouth. Wheal Jane is a very pretty mine that has an easy 40 meter entrance pitch.

I laughed hysterically at the rope pad Hugo brought. Proper commercial belt of some kind, about 1/2 inch thick, 18 inches wide, and 15 feet long. Heavy as sin! The rigging he did was interesting but I was okay with it. I told them about tensionless and they preferred what they had; they basically did it like a Y hang but off two slings one above the other on the same tree. Figure eight on a bight to an alpine with a big loop (common use in the UK instead of double figure eight/bunny ears). Sure, if that is what they are happy with. It was safe and it worked, so I’ll giggle at the over-rigging but won’t fuss.

Hugo rappelled first, fair I thought so if it was short roped it was the rigger’s fault. I went second and zipped down. Hey, Hugo had asked if my rack could handle 11mm rope. Oh silly, that 11mm was loosey-goosey compared to PMI Pit Rope. I had a great ride on four bars, only slowing to avoid a bit of ledge and look at the hanging clothesline of underwear someone had rigged up on it for shits n giggles.

diamond-stopeHugo by cool stopes.

Ferret followed. Finally all down safely, we decided to perambulate. Ferret said we saw about 5-10% of the mine, but the 5-10% best parts. The stopes were really neat, and the old mine workings too. I loved how orange everything was (but ochre stains and does not come out of anything!), reds too. There were lots of soda straws but they were all dark with minerals and so rather difficult to light well. Unlike calcite of cave soda straws, they did not stand out against the background.

hanging-wall-of-a-stopeFerret near a hanging wall of a stope.

hugo-by-iron-soda-strawsSoda straws and stals, oddly dark in mines.

 There were snottites! I have heard of them, and seen pictures, but never in person! Wow that was exciting, I had no clue I would get to see those and it was kind of a bucket list item to find some in person.


There were pools of deep orange, and I was warned they were acidic. Now it made sense why some drips from stals above felt a bit burn-y. Sulphuric acid is common in these mines. And where you have sulphur and iron…you get…PYRITE. Yup, lots of fools gold! Pretty amazing I thought.

fes2LOTS and LOTS of FeS2

Just when I thought the colors couldn’t get any better, Hugo said, “Hey, there is blue!” Which I ran over to carefully – good call as there was a pit between me and them! I skirted around on the far side and made it, and giggled with delight at the blues and greens, contrasted by the oranges and reds of the iron in the soil and walls. Yup. I am hooked on mines. I want to do many more!

layers-of-colorCopper painting the iron makes pretty rainbow mines…I approve of the colours!

blue-lillypadSwirls of blue and green.

 I found a lonely looking pole, asked if it was holding anything and it was not (apparently, all the wood is so soft that there is no way it is holding anything anymore, what will collapse has for the mostpart). This lone pole was begging for a dance. My new favourite photo of me underground is of me pole dancing in a Wheal Jane! SO AWESOME. We probably spent about five hours underground despite seeing very little but this was because we are all three photographers so again we spent lots of times just enjoying the sights and taking pictures.

photo_2016-08-13_09-23-08Ferret’s photo of me…check out Dark Element Photography

 We decided it was time to leave and despite a rope walker having more gear, I was kitted up first so I jumped on rope. The edge was no issue as it has poured concrete in an upside down U shape so although the rope had a low angle, there was not a long edge to pass. Even without a QAS it was super easy. Hugo and Ferret followed.

killroy The sun was going down and we were hungry. Hugo kindly invited us over for dinner as he lived nearby. It was a good thing we had tea and food our bellies on the way back to Plymouth, as there was a detour on the way back to get around the night roadwork closures.

If you’d like to see a video of my first mine experience, check this out!