B is for Blue Springs

My Alphabet Caving Project is coming along well! Many thanks to Tim & Janice Curtis for taking me to Blue Springs for my birthday!

I had always been under the impression that to see any decorations in Blue Springs, one must do the long crawl. Apparently, that is not so! It was a pleasant surprise. We entered and shortly came upon a bridge! It was cool and creepy at the same time as a few of its support cables were broken.

Our first main stop was the Moonscape. Being a NASA and general space fan, this sounded extremely promising. I was not disappointed! Yellow-orange sand formed mini craters, hills, and valleys. I agree, the name Moonscape is very fitting!

In this same area, I noticed some popcorn formations that had yellow tips. Looks like someone just coated them with some butter! I am unsure as to what caused it. They were not spray painted.

We continued on, climbing over breakdown and scrambling up steep slopes. The Cascade Room was amazing, and we carefully maneuvered around it without stepping in the deep pools of water.

In the upper level, the cascades continue! Instead of deep layered rimstone as in the lower section, it was more shallow and very ribbon-like!

It wasn’t much farther to the Cathedral Room. If you have the Blue Springs book published by the NSS, the cover photo was taken here. Even the climb down to get into the right passage is impressive!

The Cathedral Room itself has many huge and amazing formations. This was one of my favorites. I really like white formations, and these twirled and curled!

The Cathedral Room was the end of our route so it was time to turn around and head back out. It was a wonderful trip and I hope to go back! Thank you Tim & Janice, and the landowners of Blue Springs!

To see all my photos from this trip, please visit my Flickr set: Blue Springs