Alphabet Caving

This three-year long project started off as simply wanting to see lesser-known caves of TAG (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia). The rules were simple:
1. It had to be a cave the Amata had never seen before
2. The caves had to be visited in order (a-b-c, so on)
A few letters were difficult, as there were very few choices. Three of the caves ended up being brand-new (Hoodoo Canyon, Quorin Kuila, and Unterstein). One of those took up a whole year, because it was a major find of a deep system, so of course surveying had to happen! The project spanned 2014-2017. These photos are not necessarily the best, but they are interesting parts of unique caves that are not well known. So get out there, explore, and find something new! (With proper gear, safety, and knowledge of course – if you don’t know how, find a grotto or cave club!) If you wish to read about these explorations, follow Alphabet Caving!