Q is for Quorin Kuila

I won’t be saying the name, since it is our new project cave. So this is a placeholder page…which will be updated when appropriate. I am documenting the process and progress!

So the issue with Q is there are no open Q caves in Alabama. Well…that has changed! We are not done exploring, digging, or mapping Quorin Kuila, but it is to a point that I can share some photos and video of our progress.

Entrance RaysEntrance to Quorin Kuila

The cave is right at the Pennington and Bangor contact, in an area of thin or non-existent Hartselle. So the depth potential is good, but this cave seems to be young. The water certainly has found a way, but can humans?

Pennington & Bangor ContactPennington (sandstone) on the left, Bangor (limestone) on the right.

We dug in the first room where the water was sinking. There was air coming up and around a crack nearby as well. As we got deeper and the hole opened up to see the way on, we heard a waterfall! It was too small though, and a stone too large to dig out or move blocked the way.

Brandon DiggingBrandon happily digging, he didn’t want to share the job very much.

So we got stuck at that stone, and needed to elicit more help from someone who had rock persuasion instruments. It was a cave, but not much of one at this point. We needed to change that, so such started the second day at the dig!

And we did it. We broke into a small narrow canyon that dropped down to the bottom of a 60-ish foot tall dome, waterfall and all. Brandon was able to get up to the level about 20 feet off the ground, and there might be a lead.

Waterfall Dome from SideIf you want to actually watch the progress, I posted some videos I put together on YouTube.