Y and Z

Well, I sort-of forgot I had a blog, and did not write up the last two trips I did almost two years ago, to complete my Alphabet Caving Project.

Y was Yellow Ribbon Cave. There still was a little yellow flagging tape hanging by the entrance, despite it being very old in the database. The landowners were very friendly and it turns out their kids had been in the local caving club at one point, years ago!

The location was not accurate, and we spent equal parts chatting with the owners and searching for the cave, and only a small fraction of time in the small cave itself.

The Bitter End

Z cave was Zanja, a really funny cave of not much, but it had interesting mud formations and drain hole, probably due to the lake level it is near we suspect. There were some really nice formations at the end of it too!

Old mud level, clean space where it has washed out, current mud level
The end of the Z Cave, and the end of the Alphabet Caving Project