V is for Vision Pit

As one can imagine, I got stuck on “U” for a long time with alphabet caving. There are few good “U” caves and with the discovery of Unterstein…well my time got zapped to that. I had hoped to finish Alphabet Caving by end of 2015 and of course…with my U…that did not occur. So now, an entire year later, I am back at it! V it is…and luckily Dave Hughes found Vision Pit recently (V is a difficult letter as well!).

So instead of fretting over the 2016 Presidential Election today, Alexander and I took to the hills to drop into Vision. It is a nice open drop (photo by Alexander):


I was a bad caver and forgot my rappel rack! It turned out okay, the pit is very freehanging and so after Alexander descended, I pulled up his rack and used it myself. It worked out, as we needed to adjust the rig slightly anyway so I was able to adjust it as I pulled the rope to haul up his rack.

It is a beautiful pit listed at 120 feet deep. A tall 30 foot column, “jellyfish” formations, and lots of curtains. I bet when it is not drought, this cave is even prettier.

bottom-of-vision-pitThe frogs! The salamanders! There were many of each, and we had to watch our step. There were three different species of frogs, but all the salamanders were the same (Northern Slimy).

froggie bumpy-frogThere were two little rooms, and one was rather muddy so we looked with our eyes and said “that’s nice” and moved on. It was tiny anyway, the end was right there. The other room was larger and in wet weather probably the rimstone fill with water. Gingerly canyoning across to keep it clean we went to the end of that room. It is a very nice decorated little area with some lillypads, flowstone, and rimstone, and some probably-were pearls that are now conglomerating.

alexander-in-colorBottom explored we started to head back out, but not before snapping some photos of black-tipped curtains. It was interesting how some had black edges, and others did not, all in the same formation section. Usually bacon is pretty uniform across an area but not here.

black-tipped-curtainsWe de-rigged and headed back down the mountain in the sunset. Luckily our cars were where we left them – the parking area listed in the Alabama Cave Survey wiki was closed so we just parked off the road where we were not in the way. All in all a lovely midweek cave trip and the perfect place to be on election day afternoon.