F is for Flowing Stone

After a bit of a sabbatical from caving as I fought the flu and then bronchitis (I figured might as well get both over and done with!) I finally have been able to continue for my Alphabet Caving Project. Meet a lovely cave in the mountains of Georgia, called Flowing Stone.

The entrance as you can see is very unassuming, just a tiny hole in the ground. It was dug open by cavers hoping to save the famous Ellisons with Fantastic and Incredible pits from quarry blasting. A company was mining limestone from this area, and the explosions were in the same fissure that all these caves lie in, hence creating destabilization, rock falls, and other general destruction. However, by the cave protection acts, Ellisons was too far away for the government to shut down the quarry. Cavers scoured the mountain looking for something closer, and Flowing Stone is what they found. So in essence, this cave is what saved Ellisons.

As one can guess, there is a waterfall in Flowing Stone. Shane is enjoying the spray! (Thanks for leading this trip!) And of course there is flowstone as well…

In fact there is so much flowstone in this cave, it is impossible to not step on it at some point. Don’t worry – great care was taken including clean shoes, so there was no damage.

Apparently, ancient Egyptians still exist, and cave today! The flowstone was gorgeous and we spent quite a bit of time taking it all in. One does have to watch their step, there are lots of delicate cave pearls which cannot be disturbed.

With people getting cold and camera battery starting to wane, we turned our attention to getting some shots of the pit as a whole. Enjoy these shots…no words are needed to describe the awesome beauty that made the hike up there totally worth it.