Pretty Well

Every month, our grotto (caving club) hosts two cave trips, a horizontal and a vertical. Vertical caves require Single Rope Technique and specialized gear and training. Yesterday was our trip to Pretty Well in Alabama, USA. Brian and I were co-leaders, and while originally there were supposed to be seven of us in total, the rain drove many away (it is a rather steep hike uphill!). In the end, it was just myself, Brian, Chris, and Tim.

It is a lovely pit, 208ft deep, with additional pits and passage off to the side partway down the main drop. One of the additional shorter drops (about 40 ft) goes to some breakdown that does connect with another cave, Limrock, through a boulder choke. There is no human-passable route, although it has been air-traced.

Pretty Well lives up to it’s name. Chris was a sport and hung out on rope for a few minutes while Brian (shadow in the photo below) helped me with lighting up the bottom portion of this amazing pit!

208 ft of Beauty
208 ft of Beauty

To see more photos from this Pretty Well trip, check out my Flickr Photostream !

Hello World!

Well here I am, officially a blogger! Integrating a blog with my website wasn’t as hard as I thought! Actually, let me rephrase: as soon as I stopped trying to follow instructions on integration and just did it by trial-and-error, it worked perfectly! Note to self: you are smarter than the Internet.

So keep tuned in here for posts about photography, cave trips, upcoming expeditions, and more! I plan on this being a mix of “how-to”, sharing new photos, and stories. Enjoy!