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Due to my love of science, I was rejected from art schools who said "You cannot do science and art". Therefore, for my university degrees, I pursued my scientific passions. I worked for a decade in biochemistry labs, but now prefer the field work of karst studies, and of course, photography!

2018-Current: Matienzo Karst Entomology Project: A subsection of the Matienzo Caves Project, our group works on understanding the unique invertibrates that inhabit the caves of the region. You can follow us on twitter @KarstEntomology

2018-Current: TAG Cave Bioinventory Project: I assist Dr. Matt Niemiller at Univeristy of Alabama-Huntsville with documenting and studying the biodiversity of caves in the TAG region.

2002-Current: Freelance Designer: contract with biotechnology companies for photography and graphic design due to my background of both art and science. This unique combination allows me to understand the technical nature of such jobs.

Master of Science: Anatomy & Cell Biology, March 2011
Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI

Bachelor of Science: Biochemistry, Applied Mathematics, May 2008
Oakland University, Rochester, MI



Alabama Outdoors 2020 Photo Contest: Nature Activities: First Place

Alabama Outdoors 2019 Photo Contest: Nature Activities: First Place

Hidden Earth 2018 Print Photography: Award of Distinction

7th Balkan Photo Contest "We and Caves": "Beauty of Caves": 5th Place

May 2012-2016: Caters News Agency Adventure & Cave Photographer

SpeleoPhoto Contest GPME: Third Place in "Radical", Grand Winner in "Technical & Scientific"

NASA Social Media Pass for the Atlas V launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida

Southeasetern Cave Conservancy 2nd Annual Photo Contest First Place in both Secret Waters and Secret Life categories

Hidden Earth 2015 Digital Photography: three Merit Awards (Judges: Paul Dold, Chris Binding, Steve Sharp)

NASA Social Media Pass RS-25 Engine Test media pass, photograph published to NASA facebook page

Southeastern Cave Conservancy First Annual Photo Contest Best In Show

Hidden Earth 2014 Digital Photography: First Place (Judges: Robbie Shone, Nigel Dibben, Paul Dold)

Hidden Earth 2014 Digital Photography: Merit Award (Judges: Robbie Shone, Nigel Dibben, Paul Dold)

3rd Balkan Photo Contest "We and Caves" Category 1 "People Underground": 2nd Place

3rd Balkan Photo Contest "We and Caves" Category 2 "Beauty of Caves": 2nd Place

2011 TAG Fall Cave-In Photography Salon: Best in Show, 2nd, and 3rd place



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Professional Societies

2018-Current: British Cave Research Assocation
British Caving Association
2012-Current: Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc
2012-Current: North Alabama Photographer Guild
2012-Current: Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit (2017-current: Board Member)
2015-Current: North Alabama Search Dogs
2010-2018: National Speleological Society
2011-2015: VBATS (Long rope rappel team)
2013-2014: Search & Rescue Technicians (SARTEC) K9 Unit
International Association for the Study of Pain
2008-2011: American Chemical Society
2006/07 & 2007/08: Secretary for the Oakland University Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society